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About Us

About Our Therapeutic Laser Devices

NGT Lasers began with faith in our products that was based on experience. Our founder, a highly active athlete, suffered from the same kind of pain that many of our customers do. After receiving treatment through a prominent practitioner and a cold laser therapy device, he discovered the incredible power of this treatment method.

 Since then, founder Miki Miyagishma Smith and the rest of our team have built a reputation for excellence and envelope-pushing advocacy through the continual development of our laser products. We pride ourselves on providing quality a quality therapeutic laser device, superior service, and a lifetime of support for usage and repair of all of our equipment. We are based in Colorado, and critical members of our team have been involved in energy modalities since 1995.

 At our company, the customer always comes first. We maintain a 24-hour response time for any inquiry or question on our low-level laser therapy devices. No NGT product issue is too large or small for our team – we will either respond with our answer as soon as possible or research the subject if necessary. You as a customer or potential customer are the lifeline of our business. Our philosophy is simple, and it has kept us at the forefront of our field for more than a decade: “If we take care of the customer or potential customer, then the customer or potential customer will take care of us.”

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